What is School Community Council?

A school community council is a committee made up of parents and school professionals who help determine the needs of our school and the best methods and programs to support those needs through the School Land Trust Program.  Members of the school community council will meet together approximately 5-6 times during the school year to discuss the schools needs, the School Land Trust plan, and it’s implementation.  Last year Cherry Hill Elementary received $71,388 in School Trust Lands money.  Parents and community members are encouraged to participate in School Community Council meetings sharing their ideas on how to best use these funds to improve our school learning community.  Patrons may also  be elected as voting members on the School Community Council by filling out a nomination form available at the school office and participating in the annual May election.

Community Council Members

President: Joe Tuiaana ([email protected])

Co-President: Skye Cummins ([email protected])

Secretary: Christie Norris ([email protected])

Committee Members: Richard Jaussi ([email protected]), Glen Jones ([email protected]), Jessica Rask -PTA president- ([email protected]), Rebeka Grulich -District Community Council Representative- ([email protected]), Jennifer Paige- Teacher Representative ([email protected])

School Community Council Meeting Dates (Parents and Community members are always welcome): October 23, 2018, 5 PM; November 13, 2018, 5 PM; January 15, 2019, 5 PM; February 26 (Changed to March 12), 2019, 5 PM; March 26, 2019, 5 PM; April 16, 2019, 5 PM; May 14, 2019, 5 PM