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This fundraiser will run from September 12 – September 29.

Hi Parents! We are excited to roll out the Swig Card Fundraiser and very much appreciate your support.

What is this card all about?

We will be selling Swig drink, cookie, and pretzel bite cards. They can be used at any Swig location nationwide, including any new locations that are built. The cards have an expiration date of December 31, 2023, so you will get over a year to use them.

How much does it cost?

Each drink card will be sold for $26, and will include 10- 44oz drinks, with any number of mix-ins. Each cookie card will be sold for $19.50 and is good for 10, full sized cookies. Each pretzel bite card will be sold for $26 and will include 8 cups of pretzels with a sauce. The earning benefit for our school is $9 per card sold. The money will go to Cherry Hill PTA, which supports students and teachers with activities like red ribbon week, battle of the books, teacher dinners, skate night, and much more. Please note the prices may be different online. Due to inflation Swig has increased their prices but our school was grandfathered into the old pricing structure. Please refer to the prices we have listed above.

For more information & resources:
Full Parent Letter (also sent home with your students)
Tracking Sheet
Prize Coupons