2016-17 School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2016-2017 Final Report Summary

School Improvement Plan 2016-2017

Cherry Hill School Improvement Plan


 GOAL #1

Each student in Kindergarten through 6th grade will make at least one years of growth in reading to be measured by the DRA, DIBELS, and/or SAGE. In grades 3-6, we will improve proficiency scores in Language Arts from 37% to 40% proficiency using the SAGE testing protocol.

Measurements used:

The DRA, DIBLES, and SAGE assessments will be used to measure this goal. Data from the SAGE will also be looked at, specifically the SGP for language arts.

Action Plan:

  1. Grade level teams will use the DRA, DIBELS, SAGE, and classroom assessment data to identify students who are not currently at benchmark in reading.
  2. Teachers will use collaboration time to discuss student progress, review the data, determine appropriate interventions, and share best practices at each grade level.
  3. Best practices will be highlighted during professional development. Professional development days will address strategies fro teachers to use with students having difficulty in reading, writing, math, and science. In addition, we will focus on the importance of covering the core curriculum at each grade level. Specific topics that well be addressed are using technology to enhance instruction, effective RTI strategies, and improving collaboration within and across teams.
  4. Data will be collected throughout the year using DRA, DIBELS, and SAGE testing from designated testing windows. Grade level and classroom assessments will also be collected. Data will be reviewed regularly during collaboration.
  5. Target Time and double-dosing will be used to intervene with struggling students

Professional Development

A team of teachers will be sent to a Professional Development training to be trained in teaching instructional strategies that will enhance student learning in all academic areas. These teachers will then come back and train the rest of the faculty in those strategies.


80% of students will demonstrate quick recall of basic math facts at each grade level with 95% accuracy and fluency, by the end of the school year. This will be according to grade level curriculum. Grades 3-6 will improve our SAGE testing scores from 34% to 38% on the end of year SAGE testing protocol.

Measurements used:

Grade level common assessments will be used to determine progress. SAGE end of year results will also be looked at for progress on this goal.

Action Plan:

  1. Math fact flashcards will be used to practice immediate recall of math facts.
  2. Small group math instruction will be implemented with struggling students.
  3. Students will use various technology programs to practice math facts.
  4. Kindergarten teachers will send math bags home for practice of math facts and concepts at home.
  5. Mastery connect assessments will be used to guide instruction and to develop interventions for students that are struggling with given concepts.

Possible Expenditures

Cherry Hill was allocated $41,667 as an estimate for the Fiscal Year 2015.

We will be receiving an approximate increase of 17% ($7,083), for a total of $48,750.

The following were suggestions given by the faculty as to how the funding could be used to help support the School Improvement Goals.

  • Continue with Conferences/Professional development ($10,000)
  • Mobile I-pad cart ($9,800 each lab)
  • More non-fiction books to go along with science/social studies curriculum
  • Continue to Update 2nd technology lab ($4,800….5 year plan)
  • DRA testing before school starts…teacher pay ($4,400)

We discussed looking at other resources to help fund more mobile labs, such as grants, PTA, school fundraising, etc.




At Cherry Hill Elementary we DREAM BIG, and find success in each one of us, some way, every day.