School Schedule

Monday “Early Out” Schedule

Pre-School            No Preschool on Monday

Kindergarten       AM 8:00am-10:45am

                                PM   12:30pm-2:30pm

OEK  (Paige)        AM 9:15am-12:30pm                 

                                PM   12:30-2:30pm

OEK (Thomas)    AM 8:00am-10:45am                 

                                PM   10:45-1:15pm

1-6 Grades

                               Track 1                   8:00am-1:15pm

                               Track 2                  9:15am-2:30pm

Tuesday-Friday Schedule

Pre-School             AM 9:15am-12:00pm

                                PM   12:45pm-3:30pm

Kindergarten        AM 8:00am-10:45am

                                PM   12:30pm-3:30pm

OEK  (Paige)        AM   9:15am-12:30pm                 

                                PM   12:30-3:30pm

OEK (Thomas)    AM 8:00am-10:45am                 

                                PM   10:45-2:15pm

1-6 Grades  

                                 Track 1                  8:00am-2:15pm

                                 Track 2                  9:15am-3:30pm

At Cherry Hill Elementary we DREAM BIG, and find success in each one of us, some way, every day.