Discipline Policies


We care deeply about each student at Cherry Hill.  It is our goal to encourage each child’s growth of character.  We feel the best way to do this is by expecting appropriate behavior and having natural consequences for inappropriate behavior.  A safe, orderly climate creates a friendly, effective school.  The School wide discipline plan is based on four character traits taught to all students:


Students are expected to abide by the following rules, which are posted throughout the school:

  • Follow Directions
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to self
  • No name-calling, put-downs, or teasing
  • Walk
  • Respect self, others, property

Positive Rewards:  Students who consistently demonstrate good behavior can receive House points.  These points can be given by any adult in the school to recognize the child for his or her behavior. Drawings will be held regularly to recognize students with good behavior.  At Cherry Hill Elementary we focus on positive reinforcement and behavior interventions are used when necessary.  Bullying is not acceptable at Cherry Hill.


The following rules also govern students at Cherry Hill:

  1.   Students have a right to learn.  Any behavior that infringes upon that right will not      be tolerated.
  2.   Students are expected to follow the school wide discipline plan.
  3.   Each student is responsible for his/her own actions and must accept the consequences of those actions.
  4.   Students are responsible to all teachers, supervisors, and adults and are expected to show courtesy and respect toward them.  Students should treat each other with equal courtesy and respect.
  5.   Students are expected to treat school property with respect and care.  School property that is damaged or destroyed will be replaced or repaired at the expense of the person(s) responsible.
  6.   State law requires that students be supervised at all times.  Activities in the gym, halls, classrooms, or on the playground without supervision are not allowed.
  7.   Snowballing, tackle football, running in the halls or classrooms, fighting, roughhousing, and other activities which have a high risk of injury are not allowed at any time.
  8.      Possession of weapons or drugs at school may result in expulsion.

At Cherry Hill Elementary we DREAM BIG, and find success in each one of us, some way, every day.